Data Loggers electronically record and analyse welding parameters .

monarc 2 welding data logger aberdeen


The all new MonArc2 is one of the world's most cost-effective welding monitors.

This unit handles all major arc welding processes including GTAW, GMAW, SMAW and SAW. MonArc2 can record AMPS, VOLTS as standard, with system options to record WIRE FEED and GAS FLOW.

welding arc logger pams unit aberdeen


The new Mini Arc Logger (MAL III) supplied in a rugged case the arc logger has the capability to electronically record AMS, VOLTS, wire feed speed, travel speed, gas flow and temperature measurement.  Welding data is stored on a memory stick for exporting to Excel spread sheet, reports on any PC loaded with Arc log software.

alxII portable arc logger weld monitor aberdeen

ALXII Portable Arc Logger

The ALXII portable unit is an arc logging system allowing the electronic recording on the following parameters; Welding current (AMPS), Arc voltage (Volts) , wire feed speed, heat input, shielding gas flow rate and traverse Speed.

alxrs weld data logger pams unit aberdeen

ALXII RS / Arc welding data-logger and monitoring system

In pulse mode the ALX II RS will give instantaneous values of peak and background levels for voltage and current as well as producing a graphical display for detailed pulse analysis. It can measure, display and calculate the Instantaneous Energy and Heat Input in accordance with the new ASME IX 2010 code for Pulsed and Waveform Controlled Welding Processes

alx weld arc logging workstation


The ALX Workstation is supplied with voltage and current measurement on all channels as standard allowing the customization of the unit by adding whatever combination of options are required to each channel, producing the most versatile and cost effective welding data logging system available.

nfm2 nozzle flow meter gas flow measurement

NFM2 Nozzle Flow Meter

The NFM2 is a compact, battery powered unit which takes measurement of shielding gas flow right at the welding nozzle for the most accurate measurement. The Nozzle flow meter has a data logging system, plugging directly to a PC results can be rendered on Excel templates.

shielding gas flow measurement gfm2

GFM2 GAs Flow Meter

The compact Gas Flow Meter (GFM2) takes an inline measurement of welding shielding gas flow.  The GFM2 can measure gas flow up to 100 litres per minute, gas pressure up to 10 bar and temperature up to 50°C.

wire feed meter wfm2


This portable battery powered monitor enables the pre-production setting and recording of consumable electrode feed rates for automated welding processes, thus giving a predictable welding current for a given wire size and feed speed.

gas purity analysis gas quality monitor

Gas Quality Monitor (GQM)

The welding gas analysis gas quality monitor can measure the purity of gas.  The (GQM) can be configured to measure Oxygen, Helium, Nitrogen Co2, moisture and can calculate Argon levels. Data-logging of the Gas levels is logged directly on to a Flash Drive.

gpm gas purge monitor

Gas Purge Monitor (GPM)

The GPM features a 5.7” LCD screen for a clear view of the monitored Oxygen level. Oxygen level can be displayed in Percent (%) or Parts Per Million (ppm) user selectable.