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Turn your laptop/desktop PC into a versatile arc welding data logging and monitoring system

With the addition of the ALXII RS your laptop or desktop PC becomes the most advanced arc welding data logging and monitoring system available today.

The ALXII RS is supplied complete with probes, software, interface module and portable printer. The unit is compact, battery or mains powered and can monitor all arc welding processes including complex pulsed welding, robotic, manual, bug and semi-automatic systems.

The unit is compatible with any computer that meets the required specification or can be supplied complete with a full spec laptop.

The advanced software and electronics on the ALX II RS also allows the monitoring, capture and analysis of pulsed welding processes. In standard operation the ALX II RS is capable of monitoring all the main welding parameters, Voltage, Current, Wire Feed Speed, Travel Speed, Gas Flow and Temperature, and will produce reports detailing the average values for all parameters, plus heat input calculations and total consumables used.

The portable printer supplied with the ALX II RS produces a hard copy print right at the welding location which combined with the unit’s reporting software package, gives the welding engineer / QC engineer the facility to produce instant weld reports and specifications, right at the point of welding.


In pulse mode the ALX II RS will give instantaneous values of peak and background levels for voltage and current as well as producing a graphical display for detailed pulse analysis. It can measure, display and calculate the Instantaneous Energy and Heat Input in accordance with the new ASME IX 2010 code for Pulsed and Waveform Controlled Welding Processes. When used with a Laptop PC it is an extremely portable system which can deliver up to 8 hours of monitoring time from the rechargeable internal battery.

The ALX II RS can be used on all popular arc welding processes and is protected against damage from the high frequency / high voltage start systems used on many Tig welding power sources. The ALX II RS is a rugged hard working unit designed to withstand the tough conditions of the working environment but is equally at home monitoring welding procedures, qualifying welders or in a laboratory situation where precision welding of fine components and exotic materials requires the most accurate data logging system. The unit and all the accessories are supplied in a single rugged protection case, which can be shipped all over the world by road, sea or air transportation.



ALX II RS Specifications
Applications MMA/MIG/TIG(AC/DC) Subarc/Fluxcore
Techniques Manual/Semi or Fully - Automatic/Robotic
Dimensions 41cm x 31.5cm x 11cm
Weight 8kg
>Battery 7.2 Ah Lead acid rechargeable.
Battery Charger External 90 to 260v AC input. Auto selectable
Temp Range 0 to 45°C
Printer 40 Character external dot matrix – printer rates selectable.
Additional inputs 2x Aux inputs.
Connectivity 1x USB


ALX II RS – Minimum PC Specifications
Processor 1.6GHz or higher
RAM Memory 4GB Minimum
Spare Hard Drive Space 5GB Minimum
Operating System Win XP or Win 7
Software Requirements MS-Excel & MS-Word required for Reports
Connection to ALX II RS 1 x USB


ALXII RS Monitored Parameters
Parameter Accuracy
Average Current 15-1999A +/- 2% FSD
Average Voltage 0-99.9V +/- 1% FSD
Arc Energy 1-9999kJ +/- 2% FSD
Arc Time 0.3 - 9999 secs +/- 0.1% FSD
Heat Input 1-9999J/mm +/- 2% FSD
Wire Speed 0-20.0m/min +/- 2.5% FSD
Wire Consumed 0-999m +/- 2.5% FSD
Traverse Speed 0-999cm/min +/- 1.0% FSD
Temperature 0-1000°C +/- 1% of reading
Gas Flow 0-120 lt/min +/- 5.0% FSD
  • Battery or mains powered
  • Up to 8 Hours Operation from the internal sealed Lead Acid Rechargeable battery
  • Non intrusive probes
  • Monitors voltage and current as standard
  • Options for wire feed, gas flow, travel speed and temperature measurement
  • Optional pulse monitoring and analysis software package
  • Complete WPS programmable from root to cap
  • TIG H.F. protected
  • Portable Printer
  • “Intelligent” battery charger
  • USB Connectivity
  • Pipeline specific operation and software packages
  • Aux. Inputs configured to customer specification