ALX Workstation

Available as a two channel or four channel unit the ALX II Workstation is fast becoming the industry workhorse for the international oil and gas pipeline industry. This unit has all the facilities of the portable ALX II but x4, allowing one unit to monitor up to four welding heads from a single location. It is supplied with voltage and current measurement on all channels as standard allowing the customization of the unit by adding whatever combination of options are required to each channel, producing the most versatile and cost effective welding data logging system available.

The ALX II Workstation is a rugged hard working unit designed to withstand the tough conditions of the working environment but is equally at home monitoring welding procedures, qualifying welders or in a laboratory situation where precision welding of fine components and exotic materials requires the most accurate data logging system.

In a pipeline production situation the ALX II workstation leaves its rivals way behind. The unit is compact, easily moved by one man to allow fast set up and breakdown, thanks to the high quality none intrusive probe connections. Specific pipeline software allows a complete welding procedure from root to cap to be pre programmed into the system so that a single Workstation can monitor the whole weld or can be used to monitor preset weld passes in different stations. ALX II Workstations can be networked together so that a single master station can be created where all the welding data can be correlated into a single report.

The ALX II Workstation has the powerful pulse monitoring software option available, which can be fitted to some or all channels in a single unit. Monitoring and reporting of complex welding pulses presents no problems to this model which has the speed and processing capacity to produce instant reports of each weld pass no matter how complex the waveform.

Special software packages are available which enable the full integration of several ALX II Workstations to produce units of 8 channels and above.

  • Mains powered 90 – 220 v ac 50/60 Hz.
  • Twin channel as standard with option to add a further 2 channels
  • Network capability to connect further workstations (2 or 4 channel)
  • Non intrusive probes.
  • Monitors voltage and current as standard.
  • Options for wire feed, gas flow, travel speed and temperature measurement.
  • Optional pulse monitoring and analysis software package.
  • Complete WPS programmable from root to cap
  • TIG H.F. protected
  • Network connection and USB ports
  • Pipeline specific operation and software packages.
  • Aux. Inputs configured to customer specification.