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The new Mini Arc Logger (MAL III) is one of the world’s most cost-effective welding monitors.

Supplied in a rugged case, this go-anywhere unit weighs less than 9kg and set-up takes minutes, minimising onsite downtime. The field proven sensor probes and IP rated controls mean the MAL III can be used in harsh conditions with the minimum of daily maintenance.

With probes for monitoring welding current up to 2000 amps and voltage up to 100 volts, the unit handles all major arc welding processes including FCAW, GMAW, SMAW, SAW and AC/DC GTAW with protection against HF Arc Starting. 

The standard base unit will measure and record Welding Current, Arc Voltage and Arc Time. The unit will also calculate and record Arc Energy and Heat Input.

The use of the MAL III during the setting up of welding conditions helps eliminate time-consuming trials and error and reduces costly rejects or repairs.

The MAL III can be used single handed by the welder, providing an independent, permanent record for future analysis by others or by the welder himself.

The provision of on-board data storage as standard in the MAL III allows the weld information collected by the MAL III to be down-loaded into a PC for processing or incorporation into a weld data-base/computerised reporting system which can then be included as part of a comprehensive Quality Assurance Quality Control system.

Optional extras include wire feed, travel speed, temperature measurement and gas flow. The flexible keyboard allows programing of project data and headings.

Its 5.7-inch TFT screen provides a clear view of all monitored welding parameters and the sealed battery allows up to eight hours of monitoring time between charge cycles.


Weld Monitoring ARC LOGGER

Welding data is stored on a dedicated 2GB memory stick for exporting to Excel spread sheet reports on any PC loaded with TVC Arclog software.

All data is printer on system option printer which can be pre-set to two selected print rates (see fig1 right)

The MAL III Ihas options for the measurement of wire feed speed and total wire payoff, plus user programmable values for gas flow which enable the unit to calculate total gas consumption.

Providing the MAL III with full onsite traceability, the optional printer provides a hard copy record of the full weld parameters at the point of welding.

Size (mm): 355 x 255 x 188
Screen: 5.7-inch full-colour TFT
Memory: 2GB Removable flash drive
Battery Type: Sealed lead-acid (rechargeable)
Temperature Range: 0-50° C
Techniques: Manual/Semi-Auto/Fully-Auto/Robotic
Weight: 9Kg (Including probes & charger
Battery Charger: External 90-260Vac 3- to 4-hour recharge
Printer/Rate:> External dot-matrix 2 x 1-60 secs user selectable print rates


Monitored Parameters
Parameter: Accuracy
Average Current: 15 - 1999A ± 2% fsd
Average Voltage: 0 - 99.9V ± 1% fsd
Average Wire Speed: 0 - 30.0m/min ± 2.5% fsd
Arc Time: 0.3 - 9999 secs ± 0.1%


Calculated Parameters
Arc Energy: 1 - 9999 kJ ± 2% fsd
Heat Input 1 - 9999 J/mm ± 2% fsd
Wire Consumed: 0 - 9999 m ± 2.5% fsd
Gas Consumed: 0 - 9999 Lt


User Entered Data
Parameter: Range
Gas Flow 1 - 99.9 Lt/min
Weld Length: 0 - 9999 mm