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K-TIG A relentless focus on welding’s holy grail

Developed by the Australian Government’s Commonwealth Scientific & Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), K-TIG is a high speed, single pass, full penetration welding technology that eliminates the need for wire, edge bevelling or skilled operators and produces flawless welds up to 10 x faster than TIG welding in materials of limitless thicknesses.

The result of ten years of research and four years of product trials in six countries has resulted in a new welding technology of extraordinary speed and simplicity. Welcome to K-TIG.

K-TIG is an automated, full penetration process which pierces all the way through the joint, completing the weld without he need for a backing bar or filer materials.

The K-TIG welding process involves a specially controlled high current arc which opens a full-penetration keyhole in the join between the two surfaces to be welded.

The resulting weld is 100% parent material, eliminating the need for edge preparation or filer materials. The K-TIG controller monitors every aspect of the welding procedure to produce flawless welds at speeds up to 100 x faster that rational TIG without the need for experienced operators. K-TIG provides enormous labour, material, gas and energy savings for a wide range of welding applications.


Full-Penetration Keyhole 304 4IN SCH40



A 6 hour TIG weld. Completed in 3 minutes.

K-TIG provides order-of-magnitude increases in productivity, with
welding speeds up to 100x faster than conventional TIG/GTAW

K-TIG welding systems perform welds up to 16mm in a single pass,
while eliminating the need for filler wire, edge beveling and skilled
operators. K-TIG’s value proposition is as powerful as it is
straightforward. Productivity up. Costs down. Payback measured in
months, not years.


K TIG vs TIG | Weld Pool Comparison



A high performance process for specialised industry applications.

K-TIG has application across a wide range of industries were mission critical quality, speed and cost effectiveness are paramount, including: Tube & pipe manufacturing.

  • Heat exchange
  • Oil & Gas
  • Ship building
  • Defence & Aerospace
  • Pressure, suction & cryogenic vessels
  • Nuclear industries
  • Corrosion resistant vessels
  • Minerals processing
  • Production plants
  • Power generation
  • Filtration and water treatment

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