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Orbital Welding

Thanks to our extensive experience in the industry, we and
our products are always one step ahead of the market and
we focus on the future. Motivated by continuous exchange
with customers and technology partners, we cater to
market requirements and new potential opportunities
opening up in industry


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Advantages of the
orbital welding process:

The orbital welding with the TIG – welding process brings some compelling advantages, which look like this:

  • High procedural security

  • High reproduction-capability

  • Short process times

  • Little creation of oxide

  • Highest quality of the weld seam

  • Absolutely reproductive welding results

  • Serviceable also with manually not accessible welding point

  • Lowest contamination of the medium with foreign particles

  • Thanks to automated welding more economic production

  • Wide application field thanks to good adaptabilities

  • Capable for documentation (ISO 9000)

  • Suitable for assembly and site

Basic conditions:

To guarantee a reproducible TIG – orbital weld, the following basic conditions are important:

  • Trained employees (knowledge of the standard TIG-welding technique)

  • Quality and tolerances of the components which have to be welded

  • Ambience

  • Type and quality of the welding- and forming gas

  • Prefabrication of the tungsten electrode

  • Optimal weld preparation and positioning accuracy

  • Cleanliness

  • Knowledge of the chemical analysis of the parts which have to be welded, in connection with the expectable irregularity

  • Calculated and tested welding programs

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