TAG Handy Purge 100 Self Calibrating Weld Purge Monitor

Measures oxygen levels down to 0.01% (100ppm)

The entry level, welders’ toolbox monitor

Inert gas welding requires the exclusion of oxygen from the weld zone during the welding process.

Prior to the welding process, the residual oxygen concentration must be reduced to a required minimum.

The Handy Purge is specifically designed to indicate oxygen concentration up to 0.01% and to exactly measure oxygen concentration up to 0.1%.

Within this range, it is absolutely safe to weld and produce an oxygen-free weld seam (exceptions include special metals such as titanium, zirconium, etc.).

The Handy Purge can be used both for continuous monitoring during the welding process and for taking samples.

Routine inspections for quality control are extremely simplified using this device.

The analyser works with all purge systems and argon welding systems.

It is small, easy to handle and has a rugged enclosure.


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