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Fully Equipped Welding Training Centre


Welding Consumables

WB Alloys are a manufacturer of welding filler wire MiG, TIG, MMA, SAW and Flux who deal direct with the end user.   Our welding engineers, metallurgy and training school can offer our customer base full technical support.   

Preventitive Maintenance

Calibration & Repair

WB Alloys calibration engineers are fully qualified technicians to carry out Electrical testing, Welding machine Calibration & repair.   LEV testing of extraction equipment in accordance with BOHS P601, and HAVS testing. 

Service Solutions

Site Services Labour Hire

WB Alloys site solutions team provide highly skilled engineers for welding engineering, NDT/NDE, specialist orbital welding technicians, induction heating engineers, gas testing services and calibration services.

WB Alloy Welding Products Ltd is a welding consumables manufacturer who supply a range of high quality, high integrity products for both welding and cutting applications.  Our product range encapsulates equipment and consumables for all welding and cutting processes and includes our own and other major brand name products.

WB Alloy Site Services offer a broad range of nationwide services from machine repair, calibration, LEV Extraction Test, HAVS, Gas Hose testing, CP7, PAT testing and certification.  Our site services team can offer demonstrations on our full range of equipment. 


Best Sellers

Are you Compliant ?     

Welding Fume Regulations

Contact us to arrange a site survey. 

WB Alloys offer a wide range of solutions for capturing harmful welding fumes.   Equipment WB Alloys offer nationwide support with Engineers LEV certified.   


Kemper Fume Extraction Systems


welding monitors Aberdeen, data logger
Fume Extraction LEV Aberdeen
Welding positioners and rotators
Gas Cutting Equipment Aberdeen
fit up gear welding supplies
Gullco Automated welding carriges
Welding machines Aberdeen, Mig, Tig, MMA
Pipe Bevelling Equipment Aberdeen
Laser welding and laser cleaning
Tip Tig Welding
Orbital Welding Equipment Aberdeen


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