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Augmented Welding 

Traditional welding training has always been linked to long studying times, burn risks, numerous repetitions, emissions, and high costs. Just as aeroplane pilots use augmented reality welding simulator for training, welders now have access to this incredible technology.


Augmented Reality training can be delivered at the WB Alloys Skills Academy or on-site.

Study has shown a 56% reduction in learning time with the use of welding simulators.

• Use of this equipment at the early stages reduces material and consumable costs by 68% and reduces environmental impact.
• 84% less accident using the equipment in a classroom environment.


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Most realistic welding training experience aside from actual welding.

The Augmented Welding Simulator is fully flexible training solution – transparent and consistent experience on premise and remote.

Most comprehensive and advanced welding training joints to train every level of welder, and nearly every welding process sequence.

Supported Welding Processes: GMAW (MIG/MAG), FCAW (Flux Cored Arc Welding), GTAW (TIG), SMAW (MMA)

GMAW stands for Gas Metal Arc Welding – commonly known as MIG (Metal Inert Gas) or MAG (Metal Active Gas). The wire and adjacent areas of the base metal are protected from atmospheric contamination by a stream of shielding gas (CO2, Argon, and various other mixes).

GTAW stands for Gas Tungsten Arc Welding – commonly known as TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas). It is the process of arc welding with a non-consumable tungsten electrode. The electric arc is established between the electrode and base metal, while a shielding gas (usually Argon, Helium, or a mixture of both) protects the electrode, weld pool and filler material.

FCAW stands for Flux Cored Arc Welding. The process is like MIG welding - both processes use continuous wire feeds, and similar equipment. The filler wire is flux cored, removing the requirement for shielding gas.

SMAW stands for Shielded Metal Arc Welding (commonly known as MMA or Manual Metal Arc Welding). In this process the arc is struck between a flux coated metal electrode of a similar material to the base metal, and the work piece. Both the rod and the surface of the work piece melt to create a weld pool. The rod is fed manually into the weld to create a joint.

Standard Welding Joints: V-Butt plate, V-Butt 6” plate, Overlapped plate, T-Angled plate, T-Angled 6” Pipe to plate.

Material Selection: Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel and Aluminium
Material Thickness Selection: 3, 6 & 10mm
Electrode Stick Selection: Basic, Rutile
Electrode Stick Diameter Selection: 2.25, 3.25 & 4mm
Filler Rod Selection: E7028, E6010, E6013
Further Selection: Voltage, Intensity (amps), polarity, shielding gas, wire speed, AC or DC current.

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