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Heat Treatment Services

Metal Heat Treatment, PWHT, Pre-Heat, Stress Relieving Induction Heating Equipment
Induction Heat Treatment Benefits

Metal heat treatment, Induction heating weld preheating, pwht and stress relieving equipment. Easy to install through cable connection panel that does not require removal of sheet metal.

Multiple output provides two insulated connectors for air-cooled blankets or liquid-cooled cables. Versatile mobility through a lifting eye or optional running gear designed for construction and maintenance. On-board temperature control provides for manual or temperature-based programming in a simple-to-learn operator interface.

Multiple control thermocouple inputs (patent-pending) are available to control on the hottest TC during heating and coolest TC during cooling for uniform heating and quality. Open output detection (patent-pending) prevents system operation without a covered output receptacle (cable or protective plug).

Cable identification system (patent-pending) knows the type of cable attached and limits output to protect cables and blankets. Operator tutoring system provides helpful information to optimize coil arrangements for maximum performance.

Isolation fault protection (patented) provides automatic system shut down should power source output short to ground. A sense lead provides direct feedback to the power source to initiate fault condition.

Low consumable costs. No fuel costs and minimal insulation costs. Insulation is reusable and may be used 50 times or more, reducing cost of disposal.

WB Alloys team of heat technicians are highly experienced in heat treating applications, although the equipment is user friendly we can supply hire equipment with an engineer to set up and monitor for the duration of the job – or can provide training. With heat technicians based in Aberdeen, Glasgow, Newcastle and Tavistock we are able to service the UK.

Metal Heat Treatment Process

Uniform heating is maintained along and through the heat zone by using induction to heat within the material. The surface of the part is not marred by localized conducted heat at higher than specified temperatures. Time-to-temperature is faster than conventional processes due to the method of applying the heat, reducing heating cycle time.

Improved working environment is created during welding. Welders are not exposed to open flame, explosive gases and ho elements associated with fuel gas heating and resistance heating.

Easy set-up is achieved using preheat blankets or flexible heating cables combined with user-friendly insulation blankets. High energy-efficient systems (more than 90% efficient) transfers more energy to the part, decreasing heating times and improving power efficiency (less than 60-amp current draw).

  • Metal Heat Treatment

  • Pre heating

  • Post weld heat treatment (pwht)

  • Stress relieving (sr)

  • Stress relieving heat treatment

Some Heat Treatment Projects - 
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