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Welding Fume Extraction

Welding fume extraction with extraction technology from KEMPER.   Full range of Mobile or Fixed fume extraction installations.

Welding fume extraction with extraction technology from KEMPER

welding fume extraction equipment

Welding fumes - What are they?

In metal processing, smoke and gases are created by welding, cutting and associated processes and are classed as hazardous substances according to current regulations.


Welding fumes are a health hazard and in parts may even cause cancer and cause genetic alterations. For more than 40 years, welders have been relying on the effective welding fumes extraction by KEMPER. Every extraction and filter plant by KEMPER collects the welding fumes very effectively and filters even ultra-fine dust particles safely and reliably from contaminated air.

WB Alloys have fully qualified technicians to support LEV testing (Thorough examination and testing of local exhaust ventilation systems) P601 accreditation in accordance with BOHS.  

WB Alloys are an authorised Kemper repair centre Warranty & Terms

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