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Laser Welding  & Cleaning Machine


Laser Welding Machine.


Fanuci PRO Wobble 3.0 GenX laser head 4 in 1


Handheld Laser Processing Head-Cut/Weld

Multiple safety protection with auto beam off function once the nozzle goes away from workpiece.

Various tip assemblies in standard kit to fulfill cutting, welding .

Wide welding seam, low porosity and excellent melting pool protection.


Laser Welding Machine


Go beyond the confines of the workbench.

The compact design of the whole machine is only 1/2 of that of Regular laser welding equipment.

The body is compact, freeing up more space, reducing equipment costs and occupying plant space.

The optical fiber line and control line can do 10(standard)/15/20 meters, and the welding head can move freely within the range of the control line.


Laser cleaning machine.


High efficiency and stability of the machining process significantly reducing production costs.  Operating time of the fiber source is approximately 100,000 hours.

Technology friendly and safe for the environment and the workplace

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